UNCLE DAVE - Black Dress (Prod. 9th Wonder)




UNCLE DAVE - Black Dress
Light Bringers Inc ©
All Rights Reserved 2014


Black Dress by Uncle Dave

Ahh yea this that good feelin this that old feelin'
you know Lord willin'
But me, yea I'm just chillin'
Staying on my mission
You should pay attention
This the cycles of life
You start off great then you go through a struggle
God test you then your life get better
Staying strong through the climates or weather
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
I don't care I'll wear the same fit
& still be fresh & swaggier than a bitch
Everyone still trynna get rich
In the wrong dimension baby girl youza glitch
Teachin' this rap game like Hitch
You taste so good girl like hershey's kiss
Ooo... you didn't know I was a freak
I guess Its just the Scorpio in me

Uh I see you lookin' at me
Come & Talk to me (4x)
Walk up to me honey come & talk to me, giiiirl (2x)

Verse 2:
I'm just staying in my lane
bringin' the major payne
trynna stay sane
In this crazy world.... its a war out here
Walking in the light & facing all my fears
Without a spear, just me & my aura
So I'm trynna stay the warmest when your energies colder...
See I'm born again & this a new life
A new life, A new life, A new life
So don't eat from the tree
Gettin so high a tall tree to climb
to reach where I'm at... Baby girl where u at?
You in a dark room dressed in all black
& its not the end of that
You in a dark room dressed in all black
all Black, All Black, All Black




released April 16, 2014



all rights reserved


UNCLE DAVE Los Angeles

Artist / Music Producer / Mixer / Genius - IPI #: 554626047 BMI - CONTACT: uncledavebeats@gmail.com #LightBringersInc
#Inglewood #WaveLord #UnderWaterMusic

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