UNCLE DAVE - Don't Lose My Heart




Uncle Dave - Don't Lose My Heart
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"Don't Lose My Heart" by Uncle Dave

Yeah No Yeeeeeah No Yeeeeeah No...ooooooh

Verse 1
Baby girl you right you right
And I love how you let me climb inside (mmm hmm)
I go deep in it baby girl you want it, fasho
And Turn it up and you know how that can go (uh huh)
And I make it wet, baby girl we set
Get it in we do it baby girl yeah you want it
You feelin' me you know it got my mind goin sonic
Baby girl we stay stuntin', just you and me til the end
You know baby girl we can stay together we win.

Don't lose my heart no
Don't lose my heart no
Don't lose my heart yeeeeeah
Don't lose my heart no, yeaaah
Don't lose my heart, yeah yeah yeah
Don't lose my heart no no noooo
Don't lose my heart yeeeeeah
Don't lose my heart...cuz baby you got it.

Verse 2
Mmmm that was nice (mmm hmm)
I wanna be with you everyday & every night (thats right)
Youre a beautiful goddess baby you gave me light (mm hmm)
and a man like me should have a woman like you in my life
I guess we should give it a try
All black swaggin' and you killin' in that red dress
Tonight is the night & I must say that theres some things I must confess
From all the things that we've been through, yea baby I still love you
You forever will be my boo & when you need me I got you


You know what we doing tonight
Hey girl are you feeling alriiight
Baby girl stop whining
Just smoke up & stop crying, yeah (laugh)

Chorus (End)


released August 3, 2014



all rights reserved


UNCLE DAVE Los Angeles

Artist / Music Producer / Mixer / Genius - IPI #: 554626047 BMI - CONTACT: uncledavebeats@gmail.com #LightBringersInc
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